Q: What does it feel like to be inside the Mirrorbox?

A: The experience is different for everyone. Experiences have ranged from euphoria to discomfort to confusion to love.


Q: How long do people stay in there?

A: When presented in high traffic situations each session usually lasts a total of four minutes.


Q: What's the longest anyone has ever stayed in it?

A: The longest two people have ever stayed in the Mirrorbox uninterrupted is approximately 45 minutes.


Q: Is prolonged exposure dangerous?

A: There have been no casualties, emotional or physical thus far; however, it has been known to produce side effects in certain individuals, under certain conditions.


Q: What are the side effects?

A: "If feels like your on the inside of my face" is probably the most concise summery of the side effects, which are currently being researched.


Q: Is the Mirrorbox science?

A: The Mirrorbox uses a cross between the Artistic and the Scientific methods to investigate a unique mental phenomenon discovered during the design process. Responses are collected from the community of participants in the form of surveys and video testimonials.

While the research began in an artistic context, it will culminate at psychology conference at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in October, where findings will be presented.


Q: How can I experience the Mirrorbox?

A: Check the list of appearances or use the locate button to see where the Mirrorbox is currently stationed. If you’d like the Mirrorbox to come to you please contact Mirrorbox.study@gmail.com.